Why should I get a custom scrapbook?

A scrapbook showcases your most treasured photos and preserves those important memories. It is difficult to enjoy those photos when they are left on digital cameras, personal computers or in envelopes from a photo developer. Bring your photos to life in a custom scrapbook that you can display and share with everyone for years to come. A custom scrapbook is also the perfect gift for that special someone!

Why do custom scrapbooks cost so much?

Having a personalized scrapbook created just for you is a custom service. It takes a great amount of time to create the perfect scrapbook for an individual. Every scrapbook is unique and reflects the treasured moments of each individual. I am confident that your custom scrapbook will be worth every penny and you will cherish the finished product.

What can I expect when ordering a custom scrapbook?

The process is really very easy. Complete and submit the order form. I will contact you for an initial consultation over the phone. After the initial consultation, you will send me all your photos, any supplies or information that is important to your project, half of the balance due and a signed contract. Upon receipt of all the documents, I will begin work on your scrapbook. You will have the option of seeing your custom scrapbook pages throughout the process. Once your custom scrapbook has been completed the remaining balance will be due. I will ship your scrapbook to you upon receipt of the balance due.

What should I do before my initial custom scrapbook consultation?

To make the process as smooth as possible, the first thing is to organize your photos. I suggest to my clients to place the pictures in envelopes. Write on the outside of the envelope the people, place, date and important details of each photo or event. I have found that post-it-notes work very well if you want to detail people, dates or locations for each photo. Your thoughts or what was happening at the time the photo was taken make the pages more meaningful and interesting. Determine which photos can be cropped or if any are irreplaceable. Remember photos can be copied or scanned so you can keep the originals if necessary. You can even provide your photos via a CD. Once you have determined what photos you would like in your scrapbook, we can determine what size scrapbook best fits your need. It does sound a little overwhelming, but once you get started it will all fall into place with my assistance. We will be able to create a wonderful custom scrapbook that you will enjoy for years to come!

Why shouldn’t I keep photos in my old album?

Many people have stored their photos in the old magnetic type albums. Those albums have plastic overlays that peel back so you can place your photos on the sticky page. The pages are acidic which causes your photos to become yellow and/or discolored. This will lead to deterioration of the photos over the years. Current scrapbooking methods and albums are acid-free and lignin-free and will preserve your photos for many years to come.

What is acid-free and lignin-free?

Acid is a chemical agent used during the manufacturing of paper that causes paper and photos to deteriorate. Disintegration can be slowed dramatically when acid is removed from paper during manufacturing. Lignin is an agent that holds wood fibers together in a tree. Newspapers have very high lignin content and start to become brittle and yellow after only a few days. Lignin can also be removed during manufacturing of scrapbook materials to make them photo safe. All products used by KropinKat Creations are acid-free and lignin-free whenever possible.

Can I use newspaper articles or memorabilia in my custom scrapbooks?

Newspaper announcements and articles can be very important in documenting your life. These items can be included by either making a copy onto acid-free paper (recommended) or by spraying with an archival spray that will make the clipping photo safe for scrapbooking.

What is journaling?

Journaling is simply the recording of the story in the photo or written version of an event. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but the generations to come will want to know who the person was, what they were doing, where and when the picture was taken and most important what was your relationship. There will be room on your custom scrapbook pages for you to journal with an acid-free pen. Most people (including myself) don’t like their handwriting, but I believe it is a very important part of your scrapbook pages. Your handwriting gives the scrapbook your personal touch that will be cherished by family and friends in the years to come. And if you absolutely do not want to journal on your pages, computer generated journaling is available at additional cost. We will discuss journaling during our initial consultation.

Can I view my custom pages before the scrapbook is completed?

Absolutely! I will give you the opportunity to view your custom scrapbook pages via e-mail after the first few pages are completed. At that point we can verify that I am on the right track to building the scrapbook you envisioned. It is very important that you communicate to me at that time any changes you would like for me to make.

What if I have questions about my scrapbook project?

I am always available via email or phone to go over questions or concerns you may have about your scrapbook pages. Our initial consultation will hopefully answer most, if not all of your questions and you will have the option of viewing your custom scrapbook pages throughout the process.

How long will it take to complete my custom scrapbook?

This will depend on how many photographs you provide, the size of the album you select and the level of detail you want in your custom scrapbook. We will discuss the time frame at your initial consultation as it can vary widely. I have always done my very best to complete every project in a very timely manner.

How do I pay for my custom scrapbook?

KropinKat Creations accepts cash, personal checks, cashier’s checks or PayPal. For custom albums and/or individual scrapbook pages half of the payment is due when the order is placed and the remaining balance when the scrapbook is completed. Scrapbooks will NOT be shipped until payment in full has been received.

How are the scrapbooks shipped?

KropinKat Creations can ship your scrapbooks through FedEx, UPS, or the US Postal Service. You will be billed for actual shipping charges and insurance in your final bill. No scrapbooks will be shipped without insurance. This additional fee is to protect your investment. Payment in full is due before any scrapbooks or custom pages will be shipped.

Do you offer scrapbook gift certificates?

Absolutely! Gift certificates for KropinKat Creations are a perfect way to show you care for that busy mom-to-be, bride, friend, parent, or anyone important in your life. It is a gift that will be remembered and cherished for years to come. Gift certificates are available in any denomination and have no expiration date. They can be used for all custom scrapbook work.

Do you offer refunds?

I take great pride in making your scrapbook all you want it to be. As your personal scrapbooker for hire I will work with you during the process to ensure that I am the right track with your custom scrapbook pages. Due to the nature of the work there can be no cash refunds on custom scrapbooks or scrapbook pages.

Will you publish my custom scrapbook pages?

Your photos and information will never be published without your written consent. KropinKat Creations reserves the right to post layout examples of your custom scrapbook pages on my website as long as they do not include any pictures, journaling or other identifying information. As a professional scrapbooker, I take your privacy very seriously and I will not do anything to compromise it. Any work done by KropinKat Creations cannot be published by KropinKat Creations or you without written consent.

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