The Carousel

The Carousel

YAY!!!  I finally finished my carousel.

I attended a class taught by Jim Hankins, The Gentleman Crafter, at Big Mouth Scrappers in Forney, TX back in November.  I loved working with the Graphic 45 papers and Jim made the project easy to follow and so much fun.  No stress classes – love’m!!!

Unfortunately, I had to leave early from the class to go to the airport, but Jim and Cesar made sure I had everything I needed to complete my project.  The only thing they could not provide was time for me to actually sit down and work on the carousel.

I didn’t follow all of the very detailed instructions Jim provides with his projects, I added a few of my own touches…

Now it is time to finish my RaRe OddItiEs LaB – another class project from Jim…

Drew’s Graduation!!!

My grandson graduated with honors on May 30, 2012.  We are so very proud of him!!!  What a wonderful milestone for this young man.

So many photos for me to scrapbook.  🙂
              The graduating class of 2012
My son the proud dad!!!  And yes, my grandson is taller than his dad now.
The whole family together with the graduate!  Just moments before – the graduate was on his phone…
Grandpa and Grandma with the graduate.  Love this young man!!!
A special hug from the graduate for his cousin Bella!
The graduation album we made for Drew.  I think he liked his gift!
A couple of pics of the graduation cake – it really turned out great!

Grandson’s Graduation

My oldest grandson is graduating next week.  I made a simple card to hold something very special inside of it for him…

I can’t wait to see him walk across the stage and receive his diploma!  And then it will be party time on Saturday!!!!

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